Med Culture Regional Forum
Tuesday, November 28, 2017 to Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Landmark Amman Hotel & Conference Centre, Al-Hussein Bin Ali Street






The Culture Forum is an important milestone in the life of Med Culture programme. It will give the opportunity to assess what the programme –Technical assistance and grants - has accomplished during the past four years and think together of where we want to go.

Med Culture Technical assistance has addressed the development of the culture sector at many levels – policies, capacity development, networking, etc. - and has contributed to empower cultural actors and enhance the value of their work.  The next stage is to explore further how culture can give meaning to the existence of youth through the mobilisation of their imagination and their reflexive capacities, and provide them with tools to prevent radicalisation, marginalisation from the society and from public debate. 

Med Culture will also take serious steps in creating a Community of practice for the future, comprising culture sector operators, managers, civil society organisations, academics and trainers, together for working in sustainable development and public policy making. This Community of practice should contribute to propose alternative narratives and promote innovative collaborations that bridge the narrow gap between culture and the arts with other sectors in which civil society organisations are active.


This Forum is designed on a participatory approach to look into what we have accomplished so far. Through our hands-on and interactive programme, we will explore:

  • Ways to continue mobilising culture to promote further dialogue, respect for diversity and integration of youth in civil life in the region;

  • The priority themes identified for Med Culture’s next phase

  • Continuing to address advocacy for culture

  • The promotion of Regional Platforms – Youth Education and Employability, Youth Resilience, building a Community of Practice

  • The programme’s results as a broader and more robust approach to addressing vital issues – resilience and culture, combating violent extremism through dialogue, youth integration and the promotion of social cohesion.


Participants will be at the center of this Forum.

Each session is designed to address specific needs, challenges and opportunities related to the development of the culture sector at different levels within the region.

Most of  the relevant  actors and decision makers are grouped together under one roof for 48 hours in order to genuinly network, discuss, debate, present, discover and enjoy.

Your input is essential and valuable to the discussions and the output and recommendations of this event will be the guiding drive for Med Culture’s next phase.

With an enlarged network, you will also take back with you all this creative baggage to further develop the next steps on a personal and national level.


This Forum will gather a number of professionals involved in the themes addressed within the agenda of this event: 

  • Cultural operators and civil society actors.
  • Representatives of Ministries of Culture and other relevant ministries – Higher Education, Education, Labour, etc.
  • Representative of EU institutions and other EU funded programmes. 


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