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Med Culture is a Technical Assistance Unit funded by the European Union for the promotion of culture as vector of Human, Social and Economic Development in South Mediterranean countries. 




Racines Association, The Minority Globe and Theatre of the Oppressed Casablanca

The “Mix City” project is a result of the will of the civil society and local cultural actors to break down prejudices and stereotypes on sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco. The "Forum Theatre” methodology will be used to provide sub-Saharan migrants a space for expression to communicate with the Moroccan society on issues affecting that population. By opening channels of communication between sub-Saharan migrants and local people, audiences will be encourage to think collectively and the project will contribute to a better mutual understanding that encourages the integration of this minority in the social fabric and promotes peaceful conflict resolution. The tour will target cities, neighbourhoods and regions with a migrant community and the Sub-Saharan migrants selected will be trained on the techniques of Theatre of the Oppressed.

This project will be the first formal cooperation between three complementary organizations who will benefit from each other’s experience.

Implementing Organisation: 

Racines Association campaigns at the national, regional and continental levels to promote access to culture for all as a universal human right; to promote culture as a vector of democracy and human, social and economic development; to advocate for the founding of a cultural policy; to advocate for a real economy of culture and creative industries that would be viable for artists and to advocate for the status of artists and their rights and freedom of creation.

The Minority Globe is a musical group, which plays a variety of genres including reggae and Afro beats. The themes present in their music often touch on minority issues and particularly the problematic process of illegal immigration of young Sub-Saharan Africans during their route from Morocco to Europe.

Theatre of the Oppressed Casablanca is a theatre troupe adapting the theatre of the oppressed concept in Morocco. This concept was funded in Latin America in the 1970s, with the idea of creating a different educational choice, a socially and politically committed art for raising the voices of minority and marginalised groups. This educational method includes three essential principles: the professional actors share the stage with the audience through an open debate and theatre game; the aim is not finding solutions to the problems but rather making the oppressed know and face them; acting is considered a form of entertainment and an exercise to change, and not the alternative.