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Med Culture is a Technical Assistance Unit funded by the European Union for the promotion of culture as vector of Human, Social and Economic Development in South Mediterranean countries. 

Puppets Street Theatre

Puppets Street Theatre

Street performer with puppet receiving donation from member of audience

Arab Puppet Theatre Foundation (APTF) is developing a performance that will be created and performed by a mixed team of Syrian, Palestinian, and Lebanese puppeteers. These artists will discuss the challenges faced by both the refugee and host communities in Lebanon, using puppetry street theatre to navigate this delicate topic. It is the intention of this performance to contribute to the national discussion in Lebanon about the new realities faced by all residents of the country. Through training and integration to the APTF, the project will provide gender balanced employment, artistic development, and capacity building to a five-member team of puppeteers and a technician from refugee communities across Lebanon. The show will tour Lebanon and has been invited to Sweden! APTF is a puppetry school and theatre based in Beirut, Lebanon and works across the Arab region.

Implementing Organisation: 

Arab Puppet Theatre Foundation (APTF) space serves as a centre for the study, practice, and performance of puppetry, and also a community space for work, interaction, and a platform to launch projects. The aim is to expand the potential of puppetry beyond the craft, and engage students with a critical reflection on puppetry through a multidisciplinary approach. It is at the heart of the APTF mission to ensure that all areas of Lebanon and all aspects of the society receive access to view and practice puppetry. APTF places a special emphasis on groups that do not have the means to enjoy many leisure activities or have the opportunity to be introduced to art and culture.