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5. Education and Training

Country Overview of Algeria

5. Education and Training

5. Education and Training

Education and Training

"We want Algeria where arts education begins at a young age, Algeria where cultural and artistic products enter each room in every home[1]." Despite these words of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in 2009, the Arts and Cultural Education in Algeria remains an area that needs to be developed because it is not yet considered a priority[2].

Arts and cultural education is mainly provided by the state through the national education institutions and a set of institutions of higher education, but there has been no studies that show the number of children or adult beneficiaries, etc. Some private schools have opened their doors to children in the last years to practice an artistic activity, but their number does not exceed ten across the country.

At institutional level of national education, drawing or music classes are taught. But these courses are not widespread, systematic or regular.

In terms of higher education, there is one national school and 6 regional schools of fine arts and music institutes[3] :

Table 04: arts higher education institutions in Algeria

Fine Arts


College of Fine Arts (Algiers)

Higher National Music Institute (Algiers)

Regional School of Fine Arts of Oran

Regional Institute of musical training of Algiers

Regional School of Fine Arts of Constantine

Regional Institute of musical training Batna

Regional School of Fine Arts Azazga

Regional Institute of Music Training Bouira

Regional School of Fine Arts of Batna

Regional Institute of musical training Oran

Regional School of Fine Arts of Mostaganem


There is also the Higher Institute of craft arts and audiovisual (ISMAS).

There are no specific programs for strengthening the capacity of cultural actors in the field of management and cultural policy, be it the management of the Ministry of Culture and institutions under its supervision, or independent cultural actors from civil society.

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