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Med Culture is a Technical Assistance Unit funded by the European Union for the promotion of culture as vector of Human, Social and Economic Development in South Mediterranean countries. 

0. Executive Summary

Country Overview of Algeria

0. Executive Summary

0. Executive Summary

After passing through several junctures since the country's independence in 1962, the cultural sector in Algeria is faced today with major challenges that may prevent it even more to fully play its role in society. Most of these challenges result from a given management inherited from colonization, where the State is both the regulator and the only contractor. This trend is particularly prominent since the dramatic increase in the budget for culture in 2002, which allowed the state, through the Ministry of Culture, to have total control over the cultural sector.

Combining historical analysis and technical analysis, this study makes a quick but accurate observation of the cultural sector in Algeria objectives of culture, governance, financing of culture, cultural legislation, infrastructure ... are all themes that were addressed to a precise inventory in order to make concrete proposals and recommendations, which would enable the art of being a real instrument of social cohesion and cultural economic development engine for the country.

The involvement of civil society in decision taking in cultural affairs and the lifting of legal and administrative constraints for greater involvement of independent and private, are part of these proposals and recommendations headlights that this study attempted to justify.