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Call_Field-Training in Jordan on the Heritage preservation and promotion

Call_Field-Training in Jordan on the Heritage preservation and promotion




Field-Training in Jordan on the Heritage preservation and promotion

8-14 April 2019

Proposed by the European project

“My Heritage! My Identity!”

(Promoting Governance and Citizenship in Palestine ENI/2017/390-692)


AFRAT (Association pour la Formation des Ruraux aux Activités du Tourisme); Bethlehem University / Institute for Community Partnership-ICP; PCR (Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People) and Tétraktys (Association de coopération pour le développement local des espaces naturels), are launching a call for participation in a 6-day field-training on several case studies in Jordan linked to tangible and intangible heritage preservation and promotion. The training is proposed in the framework of the EU funded project “My Heritage! My Identity!”.

The field-training will host 40 Palestinians key actors working in the field of the heritage preservation and promotion.

The field-training will present Jordan initiatives of heritage preservation and promotion as a vector of plural identity and social cohesion.

The training allows you to:

  • meet other organizations and persons working in the heritage field to share experience and create networks around shared topics,
  • increase awareness on the diversity of heritage preservation and promotion practices,
  • integrate a pluralistic group and create links between key actors that you would probably not have met without the training.

The Jordan case studies have been selected to show best practices and draw parallels between practices of heritage management in Jordan and Palestine. Furthermore, through the suggested activities (meetings with Jordan key actors, workshops and round-table discussions, field visits…) participants will discover new ways to protect and promote heritage highlighting it as a tool for social cohesion.



This call is dedicated to Palestinians key actors with experience in the field of heritage and other related sectors. Applicants must be aged between 25 and 50 years old and must be citizens and residents of Palestine. (See below ‘selection criteria’ for more details).



During the 6-day field-training, participants will discover several practices of promotion and preservation of tangible and intangible heritage leaded by public and private Jordan and international organizations at a local or a national scale.

Moreover, the field-training will address the following questions:

  • • How the case studies contribute to defining a link between heritage and identity?
  • • How they contribute to enhancing social cohesion?
  • • Which actors are involved in the promotion and preservation of its heritage?
  • • What kind of impact the case studies have on the national and local level?



This 6-day field-training (including travel) will take place in Jordan from the Monday 8th April – to Sunday 14th April 2019 (Please see the tentative program annex). It will be followed by other training sessions in Palestine.

The language of the training workshop is Arabic.

The program will be more field visits, exchange experience and round trip in several areas in Jordan.



Draft your application in ONE file of 4 pages maximum including:

  • CV in English, or Arabic (education, current activities focusing on those which are related to the theme of the training, etc.), with your full name as it figures in your passport, your birth date, as well as your current email and telephone number (2 pages max).
  • Motivation letter in English, or Arabic explaining your interest in participating in this program and how you plan to mobilize this knowledge for the development of a project (1 page).
  • Draft concept proposal in English, or Arabic presenting a heritage linked project you would like to develop or are currently developing/implementing (1 page).



The committee will select 40 people from all the applications received (Gov. & Non Gov.), aged between 25 and 50 years at the time of application. Special attention will be paid to applicants under 35 years old and to gender parity. The selected candidates are expected to be fully committed to this program during the 6 days filed-training. The selection committee is composed of the 4 project partners’ team. The candidates are selected based on the evaluation of their application.



Candidates should:

  • • Have a strong command of Arabic. Good command of English is a requirement. (10pts)
  • • Work in the cultural and heritage field or in connected fields (education, research, sustainable development, tourism, social inclusion, human rights, etc.) within civil society/cultural organizations, the public sector, or as freelancers. (20pts).
  • • Be available and commit to participate in the total duration of the training workshop sessions. (15pts).
  • • Show strong motivation and explain their interest in participating in this program and how they plan to mobilize this knowledge for the development of a project. (30 pts).
  • • Propose a heritage linked project which will have an impact in the Palestinian heritage field (25pts).



Your application must be submitted no later than the 20th March 2019 in ONE PDF file of maximum 4 pages in English, or Arabic and sent to the following email:

Please ensure to add the below SUBJECT TITLE to your email, otherwise your application will not be reviewed by the Committee: Application to Jordan case study training”.

ATTENTION: If the application includes more than one file or is received after the deadline, it will unfortunately not be taken into consideration. Results will be announced by 1st April 2019. Selected candidates will be informed by e-mail.

NOTE: Travel and accommodation expenses for the selected candidates will be covered by the project “My Heritage! My Identity!”


For further inquiries please contact

Maysoun Ramadan at:


Anna Castelnuovo at:

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