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New study on audience development published by Creative Europe

New study on audience development published by Creative Europe

New study on audience development published by Creative Europe

A newly published study by Creative Europe assesses approaches to placing audiences at the centre of cultural organisations.

It provides innovative approaches in the area of audience development, which has become a buzzword in certain cultural domains over the last few years. Moreover, the study aims to equip cultural leaders with the means to make a convincing case within their organisation for becoming more audience-centric by placing audiences/spectators/users/citizens/participants under the spotlight, putting them on an equal footing with artists and cultural organisations. The study also encourages cultural leaders to investigate peer-learning opportunities.

In addition to a very detailed overview of the audience development concept and related practices, to be found in the final report and the executive summary, Creative Europe is also publishing a concise practical guide in two parts.

The “Guide Part I - Tools of Audience Development: A Practical Guide for Cultural Operators” investigates more how organisations shift towards "audience centricity", rather than how to define “good” audience development. This guide suggests that finding an appropriate balance between audience and artistic objectives must inevitably imply some kind of change.

The “Guide Part II - Rules for Audience Development: Key Recommendations” intends to provide a series of implementable policy recommendations targeting decision makers at the local, regional, national and EU levels. It also includes recommendations targeting cultural organisations, citizens’ initiatives and artists themselves.

The publication also provides a catalogue of case studies.

Audience development is one of the new priorities of Creative Europe, and this study will potentially provide a basis for selection criteria in future calls for proposals launched by Creative Europe.

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