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Med Culture is a Technical Assistance Unit funded by the European Union for the promotion of culture as vector of Human, Social and Economic Development in South Mediterranean countries. 

B7al B7al: street art theater challenging stereotypes

B7al B7al: street art theater challenging stereotypes

"B7al B7al" (all equal) is a street theatre show created by Mix City in Casablanca, a "Diversity, Drama and Development"  project co-funded by the European Union within the framework of the regional porgramme Med Culture.

Mix city aims at providing sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco with a space for expression using the techniques of Theatre of the Oppressed (Halqa Forum), where people spontaneously gather around a performer in the public space. The idea is to invite Moroccan passers-by to get closer to the performers and help break the existing prejudices and stereotypes within the Moroccan society vis-à-vis migrants. "B7al B7al" tells the story about the ordeals that migrants are usually confronted with concerning administrative procedures, and housing, etc. and more specifically integration.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide/ Houna Sotak  camera was present during one of the band’s rehearsals directed by Hosni Al Mokhless with the participation of a mixed group of 10 performers, 5 of which come from sub-Saharan countries.

This video was realised in partnership with the EU-funded Med Culture programme.

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